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Clint Wallace
Clint Wallace

My first job was shift work. I was putting in 12-hour days, clocking in at 6am and clocking out

at 6pm. I figured that it was a temporary thing, that the right job will come along sooner

rather than later. Little by little, though, the routine started to wear on me. I felt frustrated and

angry, confused why nothing was working out as I had thought it would. My ambition was

wrong, and I wanted to do something different. I wanted to break out of the shift work routine

and find a way upward, a way to bring my dreams into reality. As it turned out, my degree was

not going to help me at all.

An entrepreneur at heart, I have always enjoyed solving problems and figuring out ways to

help people. This is something that excites me, and when I discovered Amazon FBA Private

Label, I sensed intuitively that it could be right for me. I thought that I had found my path at

last, a business that I could develop and that I could be proud to call my own. Setting

everything up, I started to imagine what I could do when all that money rolled in. Seven

months later, though, I was at an impasse. I had poured thousands of dollars into Amazon

FBA Private Label only to get far less out of it.

What am I doing wrong? I wondered to myself. I knew that there was something that I could

do differently on Amazon because I saw other sellers who were earning outstanding incomes

from it. Convinced that if I kept at it it would work out, I continued to fail, learning from every

failure and slowly but surely devising a strategy. Eventually, it clicked – and I went from a

pittance of a paycheck to months of $100,000 and more.

Persistence and positivity were always the keys, of course. As long as I continued to work

toward making Amazon FBA Private Label work, I was doing the right thing. It did not matter

that I was in the red because I refused to give up.

Today at the age of 29, I provide a comfortable life for my wife and my 2-year-old daughter,

and personally and professionally, I could not be any happier than I am.

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